Top Five Ingredients for the Best Office Christmas Party

Are you looking for an awesome idea for the office Xmas party this year? Something to bring the whole team together and provide some much needed fun and escapism after a tough year? Here are our Top Five Ingredients for the Best Office Christmas Party to help you ensure your office Xmas party is a hit this year.

One:  An Inclusive Activity

A team activity is a great way to get everyone interacting and relaxed. Activities provide a change from being at home or in the office and tend to create a feeling of excitement and anticipation before you’ve event started!

Look for something that doesn’t exclude some of the team from getting involved or enjoying the activity. Some activities just aren’t going to suit your whole team, and every work team is different so have a think about what would work for your people. If possible, find a venue with flexibility around activities so you can give people a choice.

Two:  Escapism

It’s been a super tough year, choosing something that provides a true distraction and the chance to escape from the usual daily routine will give your team a refreshing experience and make it a party to remember. An activity that has people fully involved and focused on the task at hand means they aren’t thinking about or talking about work and that’s a great thing at the Christmas party!

Three:  Food, Drinks and Festivities

It’s not a Christmas party without the festivities is it! See if you can find a venue that’s getting into the Christmas spirit with a Christmas tree and decorations. Plan a post activity meal for the team so they everyone can really get into the Christmas spirit. Many venues provide food packages to enjoy after your activity and often handle the reservations for you so it’s a super easy way to organise your whole party.

Four:  Hassle Free Fun

Find out how much of the event organising will be done for you. Ideally you want the venue to do the organising on the day so that everyone in your team can relax and get involved in the activity. If you can find a venue with a professional, hands-on approach it’s likely to be a hassle-free day for all involved and allow you to let your hair down and get fully involved too!

Five:  Tried and Trusted Venue

Find a venue that’s already trusted and loved by customers. Read reviews and see what it is that customers value, are these things that are important for your event? If yes that’s a good place to start when choosing the perfect team activity!

Good luck with planning your team Christmas Party from the team at Escape HQ! We hope our Top Five Ingredients for the Best Office Christmas Party have given you some ideas.

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