The Excitement Starts Here

Woohoo you have been gifted one of our amazing Escape HQ gift vouchers! Redeeming your gift voucher is easy. Simply select a game, click book now, and enter your voucher code at checkout. And that’s it!
You can choose from our three exciting themes across our four escape rooms, Mountain BlizzardUdder Graziness and Jail Break.
We also offer duplicate rooms! Our duplicate Mountain Blizzard room allows you race to your friends in a head-to-head battle to see which team is fastest. A great option for birthday parties or events!
You can also play our outdoor game Fugitive Hunt which gets you outside racing around central Takapuna to complete puzzles and solve a mystery. A fantastic team bonding exercise!
Redeem your Escape HQ git voucher today and enjoy one of our exhilarating escape rooms! We look forward to