Fugitive Hunt

Track the international fugitives and recover the stolen items.

A robbery has taken place and the international fugitives are on the run in New Zealand.

They plan to sell the stolen items in 60 minutes to a predetermined buyer.

As detectives, you must discover the location of the exchange and the identity of the buyer. Time is running out on this fugitive hunt.


NOTE: IF YOU ARE BOOKING A KIDS PARTY, THIS GAME IS APPROPRIATE FOR GROUPS OF CHILDREN AGED 12+. Younger children can play as part of a group including playing adults.

How many

2 – 30

How many rooms

Play head to head

How long

60 minutes

How old

U15s must be accompanied by an adult

PG (7+), KIDS PARTIES (12+)

Wheelchair access

Please call venue to confirm details


$20 / person

Children (7-14)

$22 / person

Students (15+)

$25/ person


Children: Please note that all bookings for children 14 yrs and under must include at least one adult or student 15 years or older


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