If you’re responsible for booking the next team building activity at your workplace you’re probably feeling the pressure. How do you find an activity that offers great team bonding, is fun but not frivolous, is suitable for everyone, meets the budget, and isn’t something you’ve already done before?

Here are the top five reasons why escape rooms are such a great choice for a team building activity and will meet the brief for your next team event.


Escape rooms offer an excellent opportunity for team bonding. As teams work under time pressure, race against other teams and celebrate each puzzle solved, this creates team spirit and brings people together as they work towards a common goal. Success in an escape room comes down to teamwork and everyone will need to work together and communicate throughout the whole experience to make their escape.

It’s also a great opportunity for your team to appreciate the different strengths, skills and personalities in the team as they observe their team members in action.

If teams don’t know each other well at the beginning of the game they’ll certainly know each other better by the end!



The best thing about escape rooms is that even though they are a huge amount of fun they also offer huge benefits for team bonding!! Escape rooms are fun because they allow players to get immersed in the game,  enjoy the change of scene and forget about the real world for a whole hour.

At the same time as having fun, they are working together and communicating with their team, using their brain and having shared positive experiences as they progress through the game. The challenge is real and teams bond over their success in solving puzzles that they’ve had to work at together.


The nature of most escape rooms is that they are suitable for most people, and this is certainly the case at Escape HQ where rooms are designed to ensure that no significant strength is required, games are not scary, contain no adult themes and no gore.

The focus instead is on being immersed in the theme of the game and using your brain, communication skills, and team work to solve challenges and make progress towards your escape.



Compared to many corporate team building activities on offer, escape rooms come in at the lower end of the cost scale. In New Zealand you can expect to pay between approximately $30 and $40 per adult for a one hour escape room. Hopefully at this price point there is money left in the budget for food and drinks after the game to celebrate your escape and for teams to reflect on their experiences.




Even if your team have played escape rooms before, the great thing is that escape rooms are unique so you can play again and have a completely different experience! Just make sure when you book your event that you find out what games (if any) your team has already played at the venue you are booking. It’s not recommended for anyone to play the same game again.  Escape room businesses have multiple game themes so you can organise your teams to make sure everyone plays a game they haven’t played before.





Additional extras that you may find on offer such as those we have at Escape HQ are the following:

  • Duplicate themed rooms so teams can race to see who escapes first
  • Clue counting to create a competition between all teams
  • Ability for HR/management to watch the teams in the rooms
  • Meeting space onsite to allow you to host a team meeting as part of your event
  • Food and drink packages including a licensed bar onsite allow you to enjoy food and drinks after your game without having to move your team to another location

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