Tips for Playing an Escape Room

Team building escape rooms

If you haven’t played one before and don’t know what to expect, here is a quick run down of how the games work. You choose the game you want to play and book online for your whole team. On the day your Games Master will brief your team on arrival and give you the background story to the room. Your team is then taken to the room and locked in and you will have 60 minutes on the clock to find clues and solve puzzles to ultimately complete the challenge to escape the room. There will be a Games Master watching your game with cameras and they will provide you with helpful clues by walkie talkie if you ask for them.

We offer more than one difficulty level for each game. This way you choose the difficulty level to match your escape room experience level.

You may want to carefully consider who is in your team, especially if this is your first game. Things to think about are, how many people you want to play with. You’ll only be playing with the people that you book with and the less people in your team the more involved you will be in all the puzzles. We are one of few places that allow two people to play which is perfect for date night. Others require minimum of three people.

You may also want to consider playing with others who have a similar level of experience to you. For your first game it’s not necessarily as much fun if a highly experienced player solves all the puzzles while you watch on!

You can also consider playing our duplicate rooms, these are two rooms with the same theme that are identical so that you can race your mates or family at the same time and see who is fastest to escape. This adds another level of competitiveness and definitely worth considering if you want to take your game to the next level.


Here are our top tips for playing escape rooms:

  1. Listen

Yes, these games really are about team work! If you and your team mates can make a conscious effort to listen to you each other, even while you brain is swirling with ideas and possible solutions, then you are going to be far more successful.

  1. Share

Equally important is sharing! If each player can remember to vocalise their thoughts and problem solving process this will also help the success of the whole team. Sometimes one person can get halfway to the solution and by sharing their thoughts they get someone else in the team on the right track to solving it.

  1. Don’t trust your team

This is meant in the nicest possible way, you shouldn’t assume that if someone else in your team can’t get something to work that they didn’t have the correct idea. The same applies for yourself, if you are testing an idea and it doesn’t work, suggest someone else gives it a go. It could be as simple as putting the right code in the wrong place on a lock so it’s always worth more than one person trying every solution you think could be right before asking for help from the games master.

  1. Ask for help

Have said that, don’t be so stubborn that you don’t want to ask for help even after 20 minutes on the same puzzle. It’s not satisfying to play for 60 minutes and solve only three out of ten puzzles. So with a limited amount of time on the clock you may need to accept that you’ll need a little help. If you are playing a game that uses walkie talkies for clues you will have the ability to ask for “a small clue” so that you can do as much of the solving as possible. Just keep in mind that it’s much more satisfying to complete the room than it is to do half the room with no help at all.


  1. Don’t over complicate things!

Remember that the puzzles are designed for anyone to solve with the information found in the room. If you are starting to pull on specialist knowledge or skills as you try to solve a puzzle you need to ask yourself if the knowledge is something that players could be expected to have. If not, you may be over complicating things and need to take a step back and assume it’s more simple or you just haven’t found the information you need yet.

Hopefully these tips help you out next time you play an escape room and you impress your date, friends, family or colleagues with your puzzle solving skills!

Have fun!

Escape HQ Team

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