Our latest online game has launched! We’re very excited to be able to add another online game, MAYDAY, to our selection of games you can play from the comfort of your home with friends, family or colleagues wherever they are based!

Whether you’re a fan of escape rooms or never played and always wondered what they are all about then our online escape games are the best way to test your escape room skills when you can’t get to an actual escape room!


MAYDAY MAYDAY! On a routine extraction with Captain Roger, your emergency light has turned on and the plane is going down fast.
Help Captain Rodger safely land the plane. Locate the Botanist and his important research and get off the island before the cyclone hits! Quickly you don’t have much time!


You can play all 4 of our popular online escape games anytime from home. Connect with friends, whanau or colleagues wherever they are located.

Only $40 per team of 2 – 6 players! More people? No problem, buy 2 or more games and race each other, or book a live-hosted team building event and let us organise everything for you!

You can expect 60 minutes of fast-paced team problem solving and fun! Solve all of the puzzles, get everyone to safety before disaster strikes…

Recommended 14+ No adult themes.


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