3 reasons you should book Escape HQ for your next team building event

A group of people only become a team when they work effectively together. There’s no question that teamwork is an essential skill in the workplace, since every team member is working towards a shared goal. Unfortunately, it can be easy to get bogged down by your workload and lose sight of the bigger picture, and that’s why regular team building activities are important. They bring your team together onto the same page and re-establish them as a cohesive unit.


Of course, not all team building exercises are created equal. An off the shelf solution presented during a session in the boardroom might work, but it might be a little bland, impersonal, and at worst, insufficient. At Escape HQ, our group games  are designed to promote collaborative problem solving, effective communication and thoughtful, fast-paced decision making – three essential ingredients of a high-performing professional team.


1. Our games boost collaboration 


Whether you choose a traditional escape room, an outdoor game or an online game, you’ll find your team enjoying an immersive experience where they succeed or fail as a group. One person cannot carry the whole team (both in the game and in real life), so tasks must be delegated based on each individual’s strengths. This allows your team to recognise and leverage each member’s unique skills and ways of thinking, leading to a greater level of appreciation and trust within the group.


2. Our games encourage effective communication 


Humans communicate in a multitude of styles, and what works for some may not for others. Miscommunication often forms the framework for barriers, silos and other challenges in the workplace. When the clock is ticking (as it always is at Escape HQ), effective communication becomes the key to success. Our games compel players to overcome communicative barriers in order to strategise and make the right decisions at the right time to reach the shared goal of winning.


3. Our games promote bonding and group cohesion 


Sometimes it takes a change of environment to affect a change in behaviour. Getting the team out of the office and into a new setting with a fresh set of challenges can act as a reset button. The formality of the workplace is gone, the playing field is even, and the social element is reintroduced. The relationships then shift from coworkers doing their part to team mates sharing an experience – an experience that blends laughter and furrowed brows, bewilderment and triumph, and connectivity and appreciation.


The lessons and experiences your team will take from Escape HQ are naturally carried back to the workplace, helping them to become more effective as a team in achieving your company’s vision. Book your next team building event with us?

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